Monday, September 22, 2014

"Only" 400,000 (or More) People

I'm an introvert, at heart. My husband, too.

So maybe you know now why we're dead-tired.

We arrived home this afternoon from the People's Climate March in New York City.

Look at that.


The organizers had hoped for 100,000 people marching. They got at least 400,000.

It felt like the world.

In many ways, too many to count, it was.

Humans can be so beautiful together. And can do so much that is beautiful. Together.

When the march began, Jihong and I pretty much stood in the same part of the street for at least two hours, because it took that long for the forward movement of the procession to ripple back to us.

By the time Jihong and I finished marching, two hours later, there were still marchers waiting to march, back where we'd waited.

An estimated 85 city blocks of marchers, by the time it was all over.


There's no way to capture the magnitude of that crowd, or its significance, in any image or in any words. Especially when you're dead-tired. But enjoy these hints ....

First, a 19-second view from a drone sent aloft by the organizer's (yes, a drone with peaceful purpose--click here to watch, if you can't see the video viewer below):

If you'd like to see some photos I took, here you go. (Note: If you can't see the photos from my Facebook photo album embedded in this post, click here to view. You don't have to be a Facebooker to see them. I promise.)

Now I'm off to bed, thank you very much. Good night!

Post by Phyllis Cole-Dai.

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