Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Launching Music2Care

This weekend my good friend Kristi Holler and I are launching Music2Care, which will be an ongoing project. Kristi (a fabulous singer-songwriter and one of the Thistledown gang) and I are starting Music2Care because we're tired of hearing about disasters and feeling powerless to respond. We want to do something. Since it wouldn't be very practical for us to hop onto the next relief plane headed to the latest trouble spot, we've decided instead to perform regularly as street musicians to raise awareness of, and relief funds for, the victims of humanitarian crises. Think flooding victims in the Dakotas. Think tsunami victims in Japan. Think famine victims in Somalia. Think earthquake victims in Haiti.

Starting at around 10:30 every Saturday morning, Kristi and I will perform a couple hours of music outside Cottonwood Coffee in downtown Brookings, SD. We'll show up in all kinds of weather (though if conditions are downright ridiculous, we'll move our gig inside the Cottonwood). Any freewill donations we receive from passersby will usually be sent to Doctors Without Borders, though when appropriate we'll benefit other humanitarian organizations. For now we'll be playing to support the work of DWB among the famine victims in Somalia.

If you live in the Brookings area, we hope you'll stop by to listen to our music (and hopefully contribute to our cause), this or some future Saturday. If you can't come to the Cottonwood but would still like to support our Music2Care effort, you can donate directly and securely to Doctors Without Borders using the widget in this post.

If you are a musician or singer who might like to jam with Kristi and me some Saturday morning, contact me. You might also consider signing up as a Music2Care substitute for those Saturdays when either Kristi or I might need to be absent.

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