Thursday, May 26, 2011

Encouraging Customers during Tough Economic Times

I'm continuing several initiatives meant to encourage supporters of my work through tough economic times.

We’re all still feeling the pinch, and for some people that "pinch" is a tight squeeze, or worse. Some of my good friends and acquaintances have lost their jobs recently. It just breaks my heart. I can't do much to help folks who are struggling, but I want to do what I can.

For my customers, this means I'll continue to offer a "hardship" pricing option on my books and CDs, a 50% markdown from the regular price. When you buy one book or one album, whether in person or on my website, you get to choose: Either pay the regular price (usually $15/CD, $18/book), or, if you’re having a tough time financially, pay the much lower “hardship” price ($7.50/CD, $9/book).

Use your own judgment. I know you’ll be fair.
I'll also continue offering customers more free material. For example, I've been slowly adding more downloadable sheet music to my Store. There's not a lot of music there just yet, but it's on the way. Please tell your friends who are singers, choir directors, and so on about this free resource.

These small initiatives on my part aren't much in the grand scheme of things. But this is all I can think of right now to do. If you have additional ideas, just let me know.

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